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How a local music therapist is helping clients get through COVID-19

Alyssa Blackburn, MT-BC, of NeuroSound Therapy may not be able to meet with clients face-to-face, but her music-filled lessons are still making their way across the region.

To find out how a NoVA-based music therapist is coping during the spread of COVID-19, we spoke with Alyssa Blackburn, MT-BC, of NeuroSound Music Therapy in Fairfax. 



Bridging Sound and Science: Music’s Role in Healing

Music’s effect on memory is another area of study being funded by the NIH. Specifically, scientists are looking at how memories are triggered by music and how music may help consolidate memories.

And similar to stroke recovery, music can be an effective way to communicate with people who have cognitive complications, explains Kelsi Yingling-Tafaro, a music therapist and executive director of Neurosound Music Therapy.


Fairfax Connection

‘Music Is Perceived Over the Entire Brain’: NeuroSound Music Therapy Greets Public at its Fairfax Home

Music can be many things – entertaining, stirring, relaxing and just plain fun. However, it also has the power to help improve people’s cognitive, sensory and motor functions.

Based on research and results, it’s called music therapy; and in the City of Fairfax, the place to find it is at NeuroSound Music Therapy. It opened in February at 10355 Democracy Lane, Suite B, and recently held an open house to give people an idea of the services it provides.


Voice of America

Music Helps Ease Communication, Social Connections

Music has long helped people express their emotions and connect with one another. Over the years, medical studies have shown that music has many health benefits, too. Those range from facilitating regular breathing and lifting mood to improving emotional function and motor control in patients.

Neurosound Music Therapy provides music therapy services for a variety of people, including autistic kids, stroke patients and those with extreme cognitive delays.  Learn the benefits of music therapy and how it enhances people’s quality of life.