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Individual Music Therapy sessions allow for a one-on-one experience between the therapist and the client in order to achieve specific, functional goals. The therapist will determine treatment goals based on the initial evaluation session and assessment of the individual. The therapist will utilize a variety of engaging musical interventions and experiences that are tailored to the strengths and needs of  the individual in order to achieve specific treatment outcomes.

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Group Music Therapy sessions are designed to bring individuals of all abilities and levels together in a structured, musical setting to develop and foster critical skills. Group sessions are developed to promote growth and development among the group by including a variety of musical experiences to target the group's specific needs. Possible group therapy sessions include, but are not limited to, social skills groups, memory care groups, and teen support groups.

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In music therapy, the music therapist may use a variety of musical interventions to address their client’s non-musical goals; however, in an adapted music lesson the instructor will use a modified approach to teaching music, including the use of visual aids or modified tuning. Instructional methods are adapted to the individual's learning style, functioning level, strengths and needs. Adapted music lessons are offered on the following instruments: voice, piano, guitar, and ukulele.

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Piano lessons focus on learning music theory and music notation, learning correct hand position and posture, playing scales, ear-training and singing solfege. To teach both theory and technique, NeuroSound Music Therapy uses Bastien Piano. 

Guitar lessons focus on learning music theory and music notation, learning chords and correct hand positioning. To teach both theory and technique, NeuroSound Music Therapy uses the Hal Leonard Guitar Series. Students are also encouraged to bring a personal selection of songs to work on during their lessons. 

Ukulele lessons focus on learning music theory and music notation, learning simple chords, and correct hand positioning. To teacher both theory and technique, NeuroSound Music Therapy uses Hal Leonard Ukulele Method Books. Students are also encouraged to bring a personal selection of songs to work on during their lessons.

NeuroSound Music Therapy also offers assessment, consultation, and educational presentation services. If interested, contact us directly to discuss and schedule these services. 

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NeuroSound Music Therapy offers additional services that go beyond therapy and lessons. Music therapists conduct thorough assessment of individuals to determine appropriate goals for development within the music therapy program. Neurosound also offers consultation to other professionals and service providers regarding how music can be incorporated across disciplines.

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In order to best serve the people we work with, NeuroSound’s music therapists conduct thorough assessments for each group and individual they provide services for. With access to a substantial database of various assessment tools, NeuroSound’s music therapists examine all aspects of the individual's life and functioning in order to develop an effective, highly individualized program to meet each person’s needs.

Working Together


NeuroSound has successfully partnered with other facilities and schools interested in starting a music therapy program. Are you interested in starting a music therapy program, but do not know where to begin? The therapists at NeuroSound can provide you with information to get your music therapy program up and running, while providing you support along the way. NeuroSound also provides consultation services to board-certified music therapists in order to strengthen their clinical work, particularly development of assessment skills, clinical goal writing skills, and creative intervention ideas.



NeuroSound Music Therapy finds the value in advocating for our field and educating other individuals on how music therapy can benefit the community. NeuroSound Music Therapy has presented at libraries, rehabilitation settings, nursing homes, mental wellness events, disability fairs, and school events.

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